Herzliche Glückwünsche

Congratulations from EMMEBI with a picture showing the new production building with the new DEMAG crane.

EMMEBI TEAM,16.04.2019

We wish all the best on your 200th anniversary – to many more years full of high performing, reliable cranes and branch-leading innovations! The team at argutus GmbH

H. T. T. N.,09.04.2019

Congratulations from Malaysia

MHE-Demag Malaysia,03.04.2019

Congratulations on the synergy of this great company. Thank you!

–Valmir Costa,27.03.2019
Congratulations from the Demag team in Slany

Martin Bakoš,25.03.2019

Congratulations from Solon, Ohio

Laura Antenucci,21.03.2019

The OPTIMUM Consortium sends best wishes to DEMAG from the first Project-Review conducted by ITEA and German Public Authorities in Hamburg.

Anja Fischer,20.03.2019

Un meritato traguardo i 200 anni di vita di questa importante azienda. Apprezziamo la professionalità, la velocità, le risposte tecniche adeguate all'impiego nel campo industriale. Congratulazioni!

–Grinzato Lorenzo,19.03.2019
Demag apprentices send their regards on the company's 200th anniversary.

Jörg Schneider,15.03.2019


Team members, Demag South Africa,14.03.2019

Congratulations from the 200th anniversary ceremony

from the Town Hall in Wetter (Ruhr),11.03.2019

Congratulations and greetings from the International Women's Day at Demag in Wetter!

I.G. Demag apprentices,08.03.2019